Zach De Pue

WRTI Arts Desk
11:08 am
Mon March 24, 2014

The Fiddlers of Time for Three: Not Your Average Classical Music Trio

The musicians of Time for Three are (left to right) Zach De Pue, Ranaan Meyer, and Nick Kendall.

Three former Curtis students have been winning over audiences with their chemistry, virtuosity, and ability to think outside the classical music box for over a decade. Zach De Pue and Nick Kendall play violin; Ranaan Meyer plays double bass. Philadelphia composer Jennifer Higdon composed Concerto 4-3 with "Time for Three" (tf3) in mind.  WRTI’s Meridee Duddleston spoke with Meyer last November when the trio was in Utah to perform at a benefit for the Utah Symphony.

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7:26 am
Sun July 4, 2010

Time For Three: The Philadelphia-Based String Trio

Time For Three: The Philadelphia-Based String Trio

P – Zach De Pue, one of Time For Three's violinists, discusses the group's musical evolution.

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