WRTI Spring Member Drive

Thank You for Making the Spring Member Drive a Success!

Apr 8, 2018

We took a risk and reduced the Spring Member Drive to just 5 and a half days. Our goal was to have all the members support the music in half the time. With your help we did it!  Thank you!

You’ve heard that we’re cutting our Spring Member Drive in half, and it’s starting now! For a limited time, we have a 500-member goal challenge. How does it work? TODAY ONLY, when you and 499 other listeners each make a contribution (in any amount), you’ll unlock an additional $10,000 donation from a group of generous friends of WRTI who’ve contributed to the Member Match Fund. But, you only have until 8 o’clock tonight to meet this challenge!

We’ve never done this before. We’re taking a risk and cutting the WRTI Spring Member Drive to just 5½ days. Our goal is to have all the members support the music in half the time. We can do that only if your goal is to contribute now!

You Did It!

May 4, 2012

The WRTI Spring Member Drive raised over $250,000 because of the commitment of over 2,400 new and renewing members who invested in classical music and jazz on WRTI. If you haven't pledged yet, there's still time. Your support keeps WRTI accessible to everyone in our community. Pledge Here or call 866-809-9784... and thanks!

Remember that 75% of WRTI's funding comes from the community - including members and businesses supporting classical music and jazz programming.