WRTI Spotlight

WRTI Spotlight
12:55 pm
Sat February 6, 2010

A Very Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend on WRTI

Saturday, February 13
Rolf Charlston: 6:30 to 11 am
Jazz singer Jackie Ryan on Crossover: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Sunday, February 14
Bob Perkins: 10 am to 2 pm
Tim Johnstone & Zivit Shlank: midnight to 6 am (February 14 and 15)

Grab your sweetheart! Love is in the air, and on the air. You're in store for a very romantic Valentine's Day Weekend on WRTI. Tune in or listen online for classical music and jazz tunes that will warm your heart and create the perfect mood for love!

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Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection
12:19 pm
Sat February 6, 2010

Inspired by John Keats

Dorothy Howell's Lamia

INSPIRED BY JOHN KEATS: Works by Edward Elgar, Dorothy Howell, and Edward MacDowell

Poets figure greatly in the world of classical music, of course, and John Keats touches all the music on this week's show.

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WRTI Spotlight
12:26 pm
Mon January 11, 2010

Riverwalk Jazz in January

Music from the film Stormy Weather will be featured in the January 31 edition of Riverwalk Jazz.

Tune in every Sunday night at 6 pm for Riverwalk Jazz. Recorded live at the Landing Jazz Club in San Antonio, Texas, the popular program celebrates the lives and music of America's top jazz musicians, past and present. Each week, the Jim Cullum Jazz Band salutes these jazz pioneers in live performances, and with fascinating stories that celebrate important moments in the history of jazz.

Coming up... January 24: Sidney Bechet - Jazz Immortal. January 31: Jazz Goes to the Movies - A Look at Jazz & Jazz Musicians in Film.

More Information:

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WRTI Spotlight
9:19 am
Tue December 15, 2009

<br><a><h3>Beethoven Contest Winner Announced!</h3></a>

We hope everyone enjoyed our Beethoven Trivia Contest. Lots of you know Lots about Ludwig!

Wondering who the contest winner is? It's Harriett Ranney from Philadelphia. Thank you to all who submitted answers. And congratulations to Harriett, our winner!

Check out all the answers to the contest here.

The contest has ended. For complete answers and rules go here.

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WRTI Spotlight
12:13 pm
Fri December 11, 2009

<a href=http://www.wrti.org/beethovencontest.html#answers>Beethoven Trivia Contest! Now through December 15th</a>

Five Questions to Test Your Beethoven Knowledge
Win an HD Radio & Complete Works of Beethoven!

Think you've got the biggest Beethoven book of knowledge? We'll see exactly how much you know during our Beethoven Trivia Contest. Up for the challenge? Submit your answers by 11:59 PM Tuesday the 15th to be eligible.

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Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection
9:26 am
Sat December 5, 2009

Works by Ignaz Brull and Walter Burle Marx

Walter Burle Marx

Works by German-Jewish Composer Ignaz Brull and German-Brazilian Composer Walter Burle Marx

On this hundredth anniversary of the Fleisher Collection, we'll hear some of the first music that Mr. Fleisher put on the shelves, and a world premiere that's only a couple of months old.

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WRTI Spotlight
2:36 pm
Sat November 14, 2009

Old Jazz Favorites for Thanksgiving

Join Bob Perkins on Wednesday, November 25th at 6 pm as he kicks off the holiday with your favorite jazz classics; BP will keep you company as you stuff that turkey! These "oldies but goodies" will continue through Thanksgiving Day to add the right degree of warmth and coziness to your holiday gathering. Celebrate the holiday with WRTI as we give thanks for the artists who have made jazz into such an incredible art form.

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Discoveries from the Fleisher Collection
4:30 pm
Sat November 7, 2009

Works by Salomon Jadassohn and Gloria Coates

American composer Gloria Coates has been living in Munich, Germany since 1969.

Works by American Composer Gloria Coates and German Composer Salomon Jadassohn

The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is November 9th, 2009. Inspired by this historic event, the American composer Gloria Coates (who has lived in Germany for years) dedicated her seventh symphony "to those who brought down the Wall in PEACE." Salomon Jadassohn was an eminent composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher in Germany. Although he died in 1902, his works were still banned by anti-Semitic followers of Wagner in the 1930s. Fortunately, his music (ironically influenced by Wagner) is beginning to be heard once again. Read more...

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WRTI Spotlight
2:48 pm
Thu November 5, 2009

A Day at The Opera on WRTI

Saturday, November 14
6 am to 6 pm

Join us for 12 hours of operatic delight featuring beloved arias, choruses, and ballet excerpts culminating in an unforgettable broadcast of Turandot at 1 pm. Hosted by WRTI's own Dave Conant, Jill Pasternak, Jack Moore, Jim Cotter, Windsor Johnston, and Susan Lewis, this special day will also showcase some wonderful thank-you gifts, and include some fun surprises...

We guarantee that you'll be saying "BRAVO and BRAVA" throughout the day!

Highlights Include:

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WRTI Spotlight
12:11 pm
Sat October 31, 2009

Honoring Count Basie on WRTI: November 2nd to 8th

Join us during jazz hours as we bring you a swingin' tribute to the iconic bandleader, pianist, and composer.

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