Uri Caine

4:43 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

How Sweet The Sound: John Harbison's Music Inspires Philadelphia Composers

Composer and pianist John Harbison is the focus of Network for New Music's April 4 to 6 concerts and workshops.

Network For New Music, the award-winning new music ensemble and organization based in Philadelphia, looks at the music of the eclectic composer and pianist John Harbison at concerts and workshops from April 4 to 6, featuring music inspired by jazz, poetry, and American popular song.

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Creatively Speaking
9:33 am
Sat June 22, 2013

Jazz and Experimental Music in Philadelphia: Ars Nova Workshop At Work

Jazz pianist Uri Caine

Ars Nova means “New Art." And for over a dozen years, Ars Nova Workshop in Philadelphia has been presenting musicians performing jazz and experimental music in interesting venues. As WRTI’s Susan Lewis reports, promoting new music is in keeping with Philadelphia’s rich musical history.

Coming up: Monday, June 24th at 8 pm, jazz pianist Uri Caine performs the second Masada book - "The Book Of Angels" -  by composer John Zorn in a 19th-century storefront synagogue in South Philadelphia - Shivtei Yeshuron-Ezras Israel.

More Information about the concerts.

Ars Nova Workshop Founder Mark Christman talks with WRTI's Susan Lewis.