Udi Bar-David

Creatively Speaking
5:24 pm
Mon March 11, 2013

Mandy Patinkin and Intercultural Journeys: Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding

Mandy Patinkin

Now in its 10th season, Intercultural Journeys is an organization that seeks to foster greater communication and peace between people of diverse faiths and conflicting cultures through world-class performances in music, dance and the spoken word.

Founded by Philadelphia Orchestra cellist Udi Bar-David, the group has drawn artists from all over the world, including stage, film, and television star Mandy Patinkin.

Mr. Patinkin performs with Intercultural Journeys' Middle Eastern Ensemble on Sunday, March 17th, 3 pm at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia.

Creatively Speaking
3:00 pm
Fri September 14, 2012

Intercultural Journeys Starts Its 10th Season

Cellist Udi Bar-David

Neither arms nor diplomacy has achieved peace in the Middle East, but ten years ago an Israeli-born Philadelphia Orchestra cellist became convinced that music might help further the prospects for people in conflict learning to live in harmony. 

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