Stephen Fry

8:32 am
Sat September 14, 2013

Verdi vs Wagner: Join the Debate on September 15 at 1 PM

English actor Stephen Fry is chairing a musical debate that pits two of music's greatest opera composers, both celebrating their bicentennial years. Watch the LIVE event at this post on Sunday at 1 pm.
In the blue corner - intellectual, visionary, Teutonic, politically dodgy - juts the angular chin of the velvet-beret-clad head of the Saxon egomaniac Richard Wagner; in the red - passionate, latin, humanist, politically of the people - is the brooding, also bearded, top-hat-crowned visage of Giuseppe Verdi.
Creatively Speaking
12:13 pm
Thu April 11, 2013

Stephen Fry: 21st-Century British Renaissance Man

Actor, director, producer, novelist, journalist, comedian, broadcaster, technology maven - Stephen Fry has been an international success wearing all of these hats, and more! He's also penned the book for a hugely successful musical, and co-written an authoritative book on the history of classical music. He's the quintessential modern polymath. 

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