Philadelphia Wind Symphony

Creatively Speaking
9:49 am
Sat December 8, 2012

The Philadelphia Wind Symphony

Susan Lewis profiles The Philadelphia Wind Symphony. The ensemble will perform works by Tchaikovsky, Holst, and Shostakovich at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

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6:51 am
Mon February 27, 2012

Warming Up for the Philadelphia Wind Symphony Concert at the Caplan Center

Concert band music has its roots in the military, dating back to the 1700s. However, over the last century, more composers have written explicitly for band and wind ensembles. WRTI's Susan Lewis looks at the continually expanding repertoire for ensembles of brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

Creatively Speaking
12:37 pm
Sat February 25, 2012

Pianist Christian Zacharias--The Recently Formed Phila. Wind Symphony--A New Sibelius Symphony?

Jim Cotter speaks with the renowned German pianist Christian Zacharias.

Susan Lewis takes a look at The Philadelphia Wind Symphony. The recently formed ensemble is performing on March 3rd in Center City, Philadelphia.

As fragments of an unfinished Jean Sibelius masterwork come to light, David Patrick Stearns considers whether or not we're about to hear a new Sibelius symphony, more than half a century after the death of the great Finish composer.

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Creatively Speaking
12:14 pm
Sat December 3, 2011

Soprano Ailyn Perez--Philadelphia Wind Symphony Debut--Symphony in C's Krishna Thiagarajan

Soprano Ailyn Perez

David Patrick Stearns reports on the rise (and rise) of Ailyn Perez. The soprano, whose career began in Philadelphia, stars in the Royal Opera House's production of La Traviata.

Susan Lewis takes a first look at The Philadelphia Wind Symphony. The new ensemble makes its debut on December 4th.

Jim Cotter speaks with Krishna Thiagarajan, the president of Symphony in C orchestra.

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