Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe

Creatively Speaking
9:54 am
Sat September 8, 2012

Private Citizens in Public Perfomances at Philly Live Arts Festival

Inspired by Edinburgh’s renowned Fringe Festival, Philadelphia’s version took root in 1997.  Over the next several weeks,  galleries, bars, and public plazas will be among the ordinary spaces turned into venues for experimental performing arts.  Some people are also transforming - stepping away from their day jobs and out of their comfort zones. 

WRTI’s Susan Lewis takes a broad look at the festival and a close up on how one Live Arts show is turning ordinary people into dancers.

News & Views
7:11 am
Tue September 4, 2012

On The Cutting Edge: 2012 Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe

The 2012 Festival runs from September 7 - 22.

Philadelphia's annual two-part festival of experimental performing arts kicks off in venues around the city this week. While the wide open, unvetted Fringe Festival has nearly 150 works by mostly Philadelphia artists, the curated Live Arts Festival includes 16 works selected from the local, national and international scene, with shows coming from as far away as Australia and Japan.  

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Creatively Speaking
11:15 am
Sat May 26, 2012

Philly Fringe Jumpstart Festival

Jumpstart is a new, three-day showcase from Philadelphia Live Arts for emerging artists in the field of live performance art. WRTI's Jim Cotter speaks with Craig Peterson, director of the Philly Fringe about Jumpstart.

Creatively Speaking
4:38 pm
Mon September 19, 2011

Xavier Le Roy's Contemporary Music Concert--Carillons in the Philadelphia Region

David Patrick Stearns explores choreographer Xavier Le Roy's More Mouvements fur Lachenmann, a Philadelphia Live Arts Festival presentation.

Susan Lewis explores the Philadelphia region's vast wealth of carillons and the musicians who make them chime.

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Creatively Speaking
2:21 pm
Sat September 4, 2010

Philly Fringe Focus on Experimental Theater--Baltic Composers--Mountaineer Conrad Anker

Pig Iron Theatre Company's Cankerblossom is part of the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival
Photo by Kevin Monko

Susan Lewis considers various experimental theater productions in this year's Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe.

David Patrick Stearns explores the growing international reputation of Baltic composers.

Jim Cotter speaks with Conrad Anker. His 2007 expedition to Mt. Everest to retrace the steps of the 1920s British explorer George Mallory is the subject of a newly released documentary now showing at the Franklin Institute.

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Creatively Speaking
4:47 pm
Sat August 28, 2010

Tony Bennett Profile--Philadelphia Live Arts Festival--Rooftop Murals By Stephen Powers

David Patrick Stearns profiles Tony Bennett. The legendary crooner performs at the Mann Center on August 28th, 2010.

Susan Lewis considers this year's Philadelphia Live Arts Festival.

And Jim Cotter takes a ride on the El in West Philadelphia with artist Stephen Powers to view his Love Letter, a series of 50 rooftop murals.

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Creatively Speaking
2:09 pm
Sat June 28, 2008

The State of Local Arts--Art of Nandalal Bose--Kutztown Folk Festival--Composer Harry Donald Hewitt

Annapurna, 1943, Nandalal Bose, Indian, Wash and tempera on paper, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, 4794

Jim Cotter hosts a round-table discussion recorded at the Kimmel Center. The panelists are Kimmel Center President and CEO Ann Ewers, Philadelphia Theater Company Producing Artistic Director Sara Garonzik, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe Producing Director Nick Stuccio, and Pennsylvania Ballet Executive Director Michael Scolamiero.

Susan Lewis reports on a new Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition of the work of Nandalal Bose, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. The artist is widely considered as India's father of modern art.

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