National Collage Society

As the National Collage Society presents its 28th annual juried exhibition at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, WRTI’s Susan Lewis discovers that there are still some rules for making collage, but the medium invites practitioners to go right ahead and break them.

The use of collage as a form of fine art is traced to 1912, when early 20th-century artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began gluing objects onto their paintings.  WRTI's Susan Lewis considers the evolution of collage as fine art and as a socially relevant form of personal and political expression.   

As the National Collage Society presents its 28th Annual Juried Exhibit at Ursinus College's Berman Museum of Art in Collegeville, PA, WRTI's Susan Lewis explores the medium of collage. The exhibition runs from June 9th to August 12, 2012.