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Creatively Speaking
2:09 pm
Sat January 27, 2007

Daniel Garber at the Pennsylvania of the Fine Arts

Daniel Garber at the Pennsylvania of the Fine Arts and the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown. Susan Lewis looks at a celebration of 150 years of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Jason Peifer visits Art-Reach, part of its mission is to help underserved audiences experience arts and culture.

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Creatively Speaking
4:50 pm
Sat January 20, 2007

Renee Fleming: the Age of the Diva

The entire program with Renee Fleming, We'll also listen to songs from her latest CD Homage--The Age of the Diva.

Creatively Speaking
10:41 am
Sat January 13, 2007

Haddonfield Symphony

Haddonfield Symphony's latest performances. Susan Lewis on Ella Fitzgerald. Jason Peifer: Arden Theater Dex and Julie Sittin' in a Tree. CultureFiles at James Michener Art Museum.

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Creatively Speaking
4:34 pm
Sat December 30, 2006

2006 in review. A look back at the past year in the arts in our region.

2006 IN REVIEW! We look back at the past year in the arts in our region and bring you the highlights of the news, issues and events, and the people who made them happen. And what a year it's been. Together we've witnessed great performances and exhibitions and rediscovered so many great perennial treasures. 2006 was a great year for the arts and together we'll remember it on the next Creatively Speaking!

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Creatively Speaking
10:06 am
Sat December 16, 2006

Carl Tanner, Thomas Eakins, Children's Theater

Highlights from this week's program include: a conversation with tenor Carl Tanner. His latest CD is a celebration of great Christmas hymns and carols. Meridee Duddleston looks at how art is more and more being collected as an investment rather than for its esthetic value. Susan Lewis goes beyond the Gross Clinic controversy to profile the artist Thomas Eakins and explores his multifaceted legacy to Philadelphia. Jason Peifer looks at the growing popularity of children's theater and speaks with the creators and producers of several family-oriented productions in Philadelphia.

Creatively Speaking
2:55 pm
Sat December 9, 2006

Kimmel Center 5th Anniversary

This week, the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts celebrates its 5th anniversary; we examine how it's changed the city's cultural landscape. Susan Lewis looks at a new public art project in Manayunk that celebrates and reinterprets a local tradition for socializing on stoops.; We look at a new project at the Delaware Art Museum that uses technology to tell new stories about art. Jason Peifer speaks with the creators of This Is the Week That Is, the latest show from 1812 Productions that explores the tradition of political humor.

Creatively Speaking
3:23 pm
Sat December 2, 2006

How Local Artists Reinterpret a Japanese Childhood Tradition

This week, a look at a new exhibition that shows how local artists have reinterpreted a Japanese childhood tradition; Susan Lewis checks back with contestants in the Project 21 film competition as they near the end of their three-week long production schedule; Jason Peifer explores the popularity of jukebox musicals and visits the Delaware Theatre Company in Wilmington as they stage "Sam Cooke: Forever Mr. Soul."; In our regular exploration of the CultureFiles section at, we visit the Shoe Museum at Temple University's School of Podiatric Medicine.

9:15 am
Sat December 2, 2006

Indrek Laul, piano

Jill is joined by internationally acclaimed pianist Indrek Laul, who also happens to be President of the Estonia Piano Company, one of the few manufacturers with a world-class performer at its helm.

Creatively Speaking
10:23 am
Sat November 25, 2006

Helen Grimaud

This week, a conversation with Helene Grimaud; Jason Peifer examines the health of theater in the Philadelphia Region; Albert Stumm looks at changes in arts education in Public Schools; In our regular look inside the CultureFiles section at, Susan Lewis explores Fireman's Hall.

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4:49 pm
Sat November 18, 2006

Marni Nixon, singer

A fascinating Crossover this week, as Jill's guest is the voice behind the faces of some of Hollywood's most important musical stars. Marni Nixon has "ghost-sung" for Deborah Kerr in The King and I, Natalie Wood in West Side Story, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady to name a few. She has just written an autobiography that is spellbinding and Jill speaks with her about her life in music and films.