Mark Carlson

  We connect through dance on Now Is the Time, Saturday, November 16th at 9 pm—our new time, every Saturday night at 9 on WRTI-HD2.

Easley Blackwood sets the stage with a Rondo Caprice for Flute and Guitar, then Mark Carlson keeps the guitar but switches to soprano saxophone in Two Ballads. Two rags by Brian Dykstra follow, Nancita and Noelito for pianists Nancy Roldán and Noel Lester, and then the Umgawa Rag, named for the trio who premiered it, alto saxophonist James Umble, pianist Carolyn Gadiel Warner, and violinist Stephen Warner.

Chuck Holdeman straddles the two worlds of Baroque and new music with a lovely Sonate en Trio. Two worlds and two works sandwich the Holdeman music: from the CD Double Dance: Classical & Jazz Connections II we hear Prelude VII and Prelude III of Bill Dobbins.

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