India Music Dance Society (SRUTI)

Sruti: Sharing the Indian Classical Music Experience

Nov 3, 2012

The unique sounds of India fill the airwaves with violins and ancient Carnatic bamboo flute, tabla, mridangam, kanjira, dholak, Khamaicha  and mesmerizing improvised ragas sung and played by celebrated Indian musicians.  Guests on Crossover are Raji Venkatesan, president of Sruti: The India Music and Dance Society; Kiranavali Vidyasankar, Carnatic music teacher, writer and performer; and Steven Hopkins, professor of religion at Swarthmore college, whose interest in Hinduism has taken him to India and drawn him to Carnatic music. 

The India Music and Dance Society of Philadelphia

Aug 27, 2011

Join Jill Pasternak when she speaks with members of the India Music and Dance Society (SRUTI) about the two styles of Indian classical music, Carnatic and Hindustani, and about upcoming performances of this music at the Independence Seaport Museum on September 3rd and 4th.

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