Holocaust Remembrance Day

WRTI Arts Desk
10:50 am
Thu April 16, 2015

Bohuslav Martinu's Memorial to Lidice: Remembering a Czech Town Obliterated by the Nazis

This photo of the children of Lidice was taken two days before the 1942 massacre of their village. Most of them were gassed to death at Chelmno.

On June 10th, 1942, Nazis swept in and obliterated the village outside of Prague. They killed the men, sent the women and most of the children to concentration camps, and burnt or leveled the entire town - even the cemetery.

Why? The week before, elite forces had assassinated one of the chief architects of the Nazis’ “Final Solution.” So Hitler then ordered the extermination of the little village, which just happened to be near that attack. Its name was Lidice.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day
12:54 pm
Tue April 14, 2015

Never Forget: Music In Remembrance of the Holocaust on WRTI, Thursday, April 16

WRTI will honor the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, and join with those in our community who remember them, with special programming throughout the day.

Listen in the 2 pm hour for Martinu's Memorial to Lidice. WRTI's Kile Smith has the story here.

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