Dolce Suono Ensemble

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11:13 am
Mon October 6, 2014

Finding New Dimensions in Chamber Music

Dolce Suono's repertoire spans a range of works from Baroque to contemporary, for two to 11 musicians, with various combinations of instruments.

Chamber music, played by small ensembles, one player to a part, and without a conductor, is an intimate and engaging art form. As WRTI’s Susan Lewis reports, it can also provide insight into history and human emotions.  

For flutist and music historian Mimi Stillman, chamber music is a way to explore important issues "that illuminate how people thought at a given time."

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8:59 am
Mon December 9, 2013

Dolce Suono: Exploring Music from Russia

Polish composer Mieczyslaw Weinberg escaped from Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union.

The Philadelphia-based chamber ensemble Dolce Suono continues to explore historical connections while pushing its art form into the future. As WRTI’s Susan Lewis reports, the group's founder, Mimi Stillman, believes that music is an integral part of life.

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5:27 am
Mon February 11, 2013

Dolce Suono: Sweet Sounds Connecting The Past With The Future


The Philadelphia-based chamber group Dolce Suono is known for exploring historical connections while pushing its art form into the future. As WRTI’s Susan Lewis reports, Dolce Suono Founder Mimi Stillman believes that music is an integral part of life.

Lewis: In 2005, Stillman founded Dolce Suono, which she likens it to a repertory company.

Stillman: We form into different ensemble configurations, combinations, depending upon the repertoire we’re playing. One of our main ensembles is our trio of flute, cello, and piano with Yumi Kendall and Charlie Abramovic. We do music with flute, strings, and harp...we’ve been very active commissioning work for peirrot ensemble, which is a mixed grouping of flute, clarinet, violin, cello and percussion.

Lewis: To Stillman, who is also a music historian, music is more than notes and dynamic notations, however beautifully, or provocatively, arranged. It reflects a history – and history informs her performance.  

Stillman:  I think it's part of an approach to the world - not seeing every piece of music or every composer, every musical style in a vacuum.  It's part of a rich tapestry of music, visual art, culture, the world of ideas.

Lewis: This year, Stillman and her ensemble are exploring the music of Debussy.

Stillman: It always enhances our performance to be approaching music from the most micro – what am I going to do with that note, that phrase? – to the most grand, sweeping –what is the context of Debussy and what do we want to say about that?

Lewis: Stilllman herself is in the midst of her year-long commitment to play Debussy’s short piece Syrinx, each day in different circumstances and venues, which she documents in videos online.

Coming up...Dolce Suono in concert at the Trinity Center for Urban life in Center City, Philadelphia, joined by Anthony McGill, principal clarinet of the Metropolitan Opera, on Sunday, February 17 at 3 pm.

LFC:   For more on how history can inform innovative music making, listen to Susan’s interview with Mimi Stillman at

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2:38 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

Dolce Suono Ensemble: Chamber Music With Moxie

Dolce Suono

The Philadelphia-based chamber music ensemble Dolce Suono is profiled by WRTI's Susan Lewis.

News & Views
6:44 am
Tue June 12, 2012

Dolce Suono Ensemble: Carrying an 18th-Century Musical Tradition Into The 21st Century

Dolce Suono Ensemble

Flutist Mimi Stillman founded her own chamber ensemble, Dolce Suono, in 2005.  In its seven seasons, Dolce Suono has performed 23 premieres by leading composers, while still embracing the classic Baroque repertoire.  WRTI's Susan Lewis looks at how this innovative chamber group is using a range of music, played in this intimate form, to connect with music lovers of all ages.

Creatively Speaking
11:18 am
Sat June 2, 2012

Dolce Suono Ensemble

The Philadelphia-based chamber music ensemble, founded in 2005 by flutist Mimi Stillman (the group's artistic director), is profiled by WRTI's Susan Lewis. Information Here

1:23 pm
Sat April 30, 2011

Flutist Mimi Stillman

Mimi Stillman is the artitsic director and founder of Dolce Suono Ensemble.

Jill Pasternak speaks with Dolce Suono Ensemble Executive Director and flutist Mimi Stillman. Dolce Suono Ensemble has several concerts coming up on May 11 and 15 with bass-baritone Eric Owens.

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