Clara Schumann

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2:43 pm
Fri March 8, 2013

WRTI Honoring Women Composers in March

Composer Lili Boulanger (Marie-Juliette Olga Lili Boulanger), 1893 -1918

It wasn't until the last third of the 20th century that women took their place in serious music, a field historically dominated by men.  Felix Mendelssohn's sister Fanny composed quite a bit of music, but it was only heard in private settings since it wasn't considered "proper" for a woman to compose.

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9:02 am
Thu October 11, 2012

Jonathan Biss: Meet The Schumanns (And Their Cryptic Communications)

Communication was not a strong suit for Robert and Clara Schumann. But music surely was.
  • Source: Publicradio
  • | Via: Performance Today/American Public Media
by Jonathan Biss (Pianist Jonathan Biss decodes the unconventional relationship between Robert Schumann and his wife Clara in this second essay for our week dedicated to this composer. Click the audio link above to hear him play Schumann and discuss his work with Performance Today host Fred Child.)