August Wilson

Arts & Culture
2:50 pm
Fri September 14, 2012

People’s Light and Theatre Company Presents August Wilson’s Iconic Play Seven Guitars

When playwright August Wilson died in 2005, The New York Times writer Ben Brantley compared his writing to "the sweep of Shakespearean music," his plays "like grand opera rooted in the blues." Wilson won a host of awards, including two Pulitzer Prizes;  his magnum opus, now known as the Pittsburgh cycle, includes 10 plays, each set in a different decade of the 20th century, chronicling the lives of ordinary African Americans.

Creatively Speaking
1:45 pm
Thu March 6, 2008

Spot Check at PAFA--August Wilson at the Arden--PA Ballet's Messiah--Kimmel Center's Mervon Mehta

Spot Check: Academy Contemporary at PAFA

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts has one of the world's finest collections of American Art. The exhibition Spot Check: Academy Contemporary highlights some of PAFA's most notable recent acquisitions.

Jason Peifer takes a look at the legacy of playwright August Wilson, who's Pulitzer Prize winning show, The Piano Lesson comes to the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia.

Susan Lewis looks at Pennsylvania Ballet's latest production which is based on the music of Handel's Messiah.

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