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9:56 am
Sat September 8, 2012

Wharton Esherick: Twentieth-Century PA Sculptor and Furniture Maker

Pioneering 20th-century sculptor and furniture maker Wharton Esherick  lived and worked in Philadelphia and the surrounding countryside, where his onetime studio and home is now a museum.

WRTI’s Susan Lewis considers the life and influences of this artist who practiced a variety of artistic disciplines before achieving fame for his  curvilinear free-form sculpture.

Creatively Speaking
9:54 am
Sat September 8, 2012

Private Citizens in Public Perfomances at Philly Live Arts Festival

Inspired by Edinburgh’s renowned Fringe Festival, Philadelphia’s version took root in 1997.  Over the next several weeks,  galleries, bars, and public plazas will be among the ordinary spaces turned into venues for experimental performing arts.  Some people are also transforming - stepping away from their day jobs and out of their comfort zones. 

WRTI’s Susan Lewis takes a broad look at the festival and a close up on how one Live Arts show is turning ordinary people into dancers.

Creatively Speaking
11:50 am
Sat August 25, 2012

Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse: Visions of Arcadia at PMA

“Bathers by a River,” 1909, 1913 and 1916, Henri Matisse, French, 1869-1954, Oil on canvas, 102 1/2 x 154 3/16 inches, Art Institute of Chicago.

WRTI's Susan Lewis take you to the Philadelphia Museum of Art's exhibition that explores how the idea of utopia captivated the imaginations of early 20th-century artists. Visions of Arcadia runs through September 3rd.

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Creatively Speaking
3:50 pm
Fri August 17, 2012

Exploring Philadelphia's Mütter Museum

Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum is not a typical tourist stop displaying  artwork, or artifacts of culture, history or science - although it has some of all of these. The museum is popularly known today for its human specimens of medical anomalies, such as the tallest skeleton in North America and its plaster cast of conjoined twins - but its mission extends beyond entertaining the curious public.   

Creatively Speaking
2:06 pm
Fri August 10, 2012

A New President For Temple University

Neil Theobald

Temple University has announced the name of its 10th president. WRTI's Jim Cotter speaks with Neil Theobald, whose tenure begins in January, 2013.

Creatively Speaking
11:07 am
Sat August 4, 2012

The National Collage Society's Annual Juried Exhibition in Collegeville, PA

As the National Collage Society presents its 28th annual juried exhibition at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, WRTI’s Susan Lewis discovers that there are still some rules for making collage, but the medium invites practitioners to go right ahead and break them.

Creatively Speaking
11:06 am
Sat August 4, 2012

Playwright Neil LaBute

Neil LaBute has achieved renown for his sometimes darkly comedic explorations of human behavior.

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11:34 am
Sat July 28, 2012

Plans for the 2013 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) Executive Director Ed Cambron speaks with Jim Cotter about plans for the second, month-long event set for March and April of next year.

Creatively Speaking
11:05 am
Sat July 21, 2012

The Academy of the Natural Sciences: More Than Just Dinosaurs

The Academy at 200: The Nature of Discovery features some of the museum’s amazing collections like these macaws held by Academy ornithologists Doug Wechsler (left) and Dr. Nate Rice.
Doug Wechsler

Known to generations as the “dinosaur museum," The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia is demonstrating that its activities have always extended far beyond paleontological displays.

WRTI's Susan Lewis takes us to the Academy, which is marking its bicentennial with a special exhibition.

9:35 am
Tue July 17, 2012

Film Review: Olympia Dukakis in CLOUDBURST

Philadelphia QFest 2012

The Philadelphia QFest 2012 runs from July 12 to 23 featuring over 100 GLBT films from around the world. WRTI’s Lesley Valdes was on the scene at the packed Ritz East on July 15th to view Cloudburst with Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Fricker, and Ryan Doucette. Info about QFest