Angela Zator Nelson

Creatively Speaking
12:51 pm
Thu June 6, 2013

The Philadelphia Orchestra in China: Connecting With Autistic Children And Cancer Patients

Philadelphia Orchestra members with autistic children during an in-school program at a Youth Center in Shanghai. Percussionists Christopher Deviney (front) and Angela Zator Nelson work with one student as he tries his hand at the drums.
Jan Regan

In the title of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s 2013 China Tour and Residency, the word “residency” is as important as the word "tour." And this, as the Philadelphia Inquirer’s David Patrick Stearns now reports from China, is bringing the musicians face-to-face with many who may never see the inside of a concert hall.

Creatively Speaking
10:19 am
Sat November 17, 2007

Night of the Mayas--Mother Courage--Hansel and Gretel

Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor, and Angela Zator Nelson, percussionist, discuss their upcoming performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra of Revueltas's Night of the Mayas.

Jason Peifer takes us behind the scenes as a cast member in Villanova University's production of Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children.

Susan Lewis considers the Opera Company of Philadelphia's new production of Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, with sets and costumes designed by children's author Maurice Sendak.


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