Sunday Jazz with Jeff Duperon

Sunday, 8 pm to 12 midnight

Wind down your weekend with Jeff Duperon as he brings you new, creative interpretations of your favorite jazz standards.  You'll enjoy fresh arrangements and orchestrations, like a Big Band version of a Monk tune, or a young vocalist bringing life to the music of Lady Day or belting out a "not-so-standard standard."  Jeff occasionally features concert broadcasts from local venues and festivals.  Tune in to hear what happens when new life is breathed into the classics.

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January 12, 2014

8:00 PM
Edward Lee
Artist : Harold Mabern
Album : Right On Time
TrackNumber : 6
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Smoke Sessions Records
8:05 PM
Sassy’s Blues
Artist : Carrie Jackson
Album : A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn, Newark's Own
TrackNumber : 5
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : C-Jay Records
8:09 PM
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Artist : Pete Smyser
Album : An Affair To Remember
TrackNumber : 2
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Pete Smyser Music
8:16 PM
If It’s The Last Thing I Do
Artist : Houston Person
Album : Nice 'n' Easy
TrackNumber : 6
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : High Note
8:23 PM
Sight Seen At Twilight
Artist : L.A. 6
Album : Frame of Mind
TrackNumber : 2
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Jazzed Media
8:30 PM
Afternoon In Harlem
Artist : Cheryl Barnes
Album : Listen To This
TrackNumber : 2
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Barnes & Cabasso Music
8:35 PM
Sweet Presence
Artist : Charles Boles Quartet
Album : Blue Continuum
TrackNumber : 7
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Detroit Music Factory
9:03 PM
Blues for Tahrir
Artist : Todd Marcus
Album : Inheritance
TrackNumber : 9
ReleaseYear : 2012
Label : Hipnotic Records
9:13 PM
Two If By Sea
Artist : David Bennett Thomas
Album : Headspace
TrackNumber : 2
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Vectordisc Records
9:25 PM
The Next Time I See You
Artist : Dylan Taylor
Album : Sweeter for the Struggle
TrackNumber : 5
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Dylan Taylor
9:39 PM
NY Daze NY Knights
Artist : Tim Warfield
Album : Inspire Me!
TrackNumber : 3
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Herb Harris Music
9:50 PM
Artist : Brian Lynch
Album : Unsung Heroes, Vol. 2
TrackNumber : 3
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Hollistic MusicWorks
10:00 PM
Highway Blues
Artist : Marc Seales
Album : American Songs, Vol. 2: Blues...and Jazz
TrackNumber : 1
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Origin Records
10:10 PM
Wall Tune
Artist : Matt Renzi
Album : Rise and Shine
TrackNumber : 3
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Three P's Records
10:17 PM
Artist : Tom Harrell
Album : Colors of a Dream
TrackNumber : 9
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : High Note
10:24 PM
Oxtail Soup
Artist : Jazz Combustion Uprising
Album : Self-Immolation
TrackNumber : 1
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Flaming Hakama
10:33 PM
At The Crossroads
Artist : Bobby Watson
Album : Check Cashing Day
TrackNumber : 3
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Lafiya Music
10:37 PM
Enjoy It While You Can
Artist : Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Album : 3 Suites
TrackNumber : 2
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Prospect Hill Records
10:43 PM
The Backbone
Artist : Ben Wanicur
Album : The Excluded Middle
TrackNumber : 9
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Ben Wanicur
10:51 PM
Got Me Thinking
Artist : Lili Anel
Album : I Can See Bliss From Here
TrackNumber : 8
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Laughing Bull Music
10:57 PM
No Love Dying
Artist : Gregory Porter
Album : Liquid Spirit
TrackNumber : 1
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Blue Note
11:01 PM
Artist : Russ Nolan
Album : Relentless
TrackNumber : 7
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Rhinoceruss Music
11:10 PM
Verdi Variations
Artist : Doug Webb
Album : Another Scene
TrackNumber : 10
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Posi Tone
11:16 PM
Brother Sid
Artist : B. J. Jansen
Album : Ronin
TrackNumber : 7
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : JansenMusic
11:23 PM
Organ Grinder’s Swing
Artist : Craig Handy & 2nd Line Smith
Album : Craig Handy & 2nd Line Smith
TrackNumber : 1
Label : Okeh
11:31 PM
Another Adventure
Artist : P. J. Rasmussen
Album : Another Adventure
TrackNumber : 3
ReleaseYear : 2014
Label : Third Freedom Music
11:41 PM
You Did
Artist : Michael Rodriguez
Album : Reverence
TrackNumber : 7
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Criss Cross Jazz
11:49 PM
Artist : Rene Marie
Album : I Wanna Be Evil
TrackNumber : 10
ReleaseYear : 2013
Label : Motema


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Fri March 21, 2014

Women In Jazz Philly Tour with Jeff Duperon, Sunday, March 23, 8:30 PM

Vocalist Rhenda Fearrington

Join us this Sunday night at 8:30 PM, when Jeff Duperon welcomes the "Women in Jazz Philly Tour" to his show. The tour is honoring women's history month, and features the all-female jazz group "nVizion." The "Last-Stop concert" is Sunday, March 30 from 4 to 6 pm at St. Terese Church, 6611 Ardleigh Street in Philadelphia.

Vocalists Rhenda Ferrington, Lauren Lark, Shamika Byrd, and Julie Charnet with Kendrah Butler on piano and Sadayah Roberts on drums will stop by to discuss this important event.  

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Jeff Duperon, WRTI jazz host

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Fresh Air Remembers Jazz Pianist Jimmy Amadie

Jimmy Amadie.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Mon December 16, 2013 2:39 pm

For decades, Jimmy Amadie played solely in his home, heard only by his students when he'd play for them during lessons. His performing career was derailed because of severe hand problems. But later in life, he achieved some fame for his albums — and for the story of what he'd had to overcome to make it possible for him to record. Amadie died of lung cancer on Dec. 10. He was 76.

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Fri September 27, 2013

Michael Pedicin At Chris' Jazz Cafe: Check It Out On October 5th

Tenor saxophonist Michael Pedicin

Jazz with Jeff Duperon welcomes tenor saxophonist Michael Pedicin 0n Sunday, September 29th at 8:30 pm. A passionately soulful improviser, Pedicin is in the midst of an impressive creative surge clearly reflected in his prolific work as a recording artist and composer. His new CD, Why Stop Now...Ubuntu, is his 12th as a leader, and fourth in the last five years.

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2013 Labor Day Weekend Jazz Countdown

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10:06 am
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5 To Watch: Newport Jazz Festival Debuts

Dee Alexander is among the artists leading a band for the first time at the 2013 Newport Jazz Festival.
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Vocalist Denise King on Jazz Conversations: June 9th At 8:30 PM

Vocalist Denise King

Jazz with Jeff Duperon welcomes vocalist and composer Denise King to WRTI on Sunday, June 9th at 8:30 PM ET. With a voice described as velvet smooth, warm, and steeped in sophistication, King captivates and holds you with every note. In this age of auto-tune, quick fixes and artistic gimmickry, her love of people, performance style, and energy have ensured her a spot in the jazz community for a long time. 

Tune in every Sunday night to Jeff Duperon's mix of new releases and emerging artists in jazz, on Jazz with Jeff Duperon, from 8 pm to midnight.


The Diamond Sessions
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WRTI's Diamond Sessions Premiere Featuring Vocalist Joanna Pascale

Jazz vocalist Joanna Pascale

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We're all saddened by the huge loss of Dave Brubeck to the music world on December 5th; this program is our way of celebrating the fantastic musical life of this true jazz master.