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February 08, 2013

12:06 AM
Air Raid
Artist : Grachan Moncur III
Album : Evolution
Label :
12:15 AM
Where Or When
Artist : Clifton Anderson
Album : And So We Carry On
Label :
12:24 AM
Rockin’ In Rhythm
Artist : Ella Fitzgerald
Album : Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Song Book
Label :
12:29 AM
Come, Gone
Artist : Sonny Rollins
Album : Way Out West
Label :
12:37 AM
Temptation (s)
Artist : The Cookers
Album : Believe
Label :
12:47 AM
Willing (To Explore Metropolis)
Artist : Russell Kirk
Album : To Journal Square
Label :
12:56 AM
Cristo Redentor
Artist : The Jazz Professors
Album : Do That Again
Label :
1:04 AM
Artist : Donald Byrd
Album : Royal Flush
Label :
1:10 AM
Artist : Donald Byrd
Album : Fuego
Label :
1:20 AM
Artist : Donald Byrd
Album : Byrd In Flight
Label :
1:32 AM
Benny’s Crib
Artist : Benny Green
Album : Magic Beans
Label :
1:36 AM
Fleurette Africain
Artist : Terri Lyne Carrington feat. Clark Terry
Album : Money Jungle
Label :
1:42 AM
In A Mellow Tone
Artist : Duke Ellington Legacy
Album : Single Petal Of A Rose
Label :
1:49 AM
Moon River
Artist : UoU
Album : Take The 7 Train
Label :
1:57 AM
Chicken Reel
Artist : Kermitt Driscoll
Album : Reveille
Label :
2:03 AM
Moment’s Notice
Artist : Hubert Laws
Album : In The Beginning
Label :
2:10 AM
Aquarian Reprieve
Artist : Lee Smith
Album : Sittin' On A Secret
Label :
2:16 AM
All Blues
Artist : Hope Morgan
Album : It's About Time
Label :
2:27 AM
Liberty City
Artist : Jaco Pastorius
Album : Word Of Mouth
Label :
2:42 AM
Round Midnight
Artist : Miles Davis
Album : Live In Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 2
Label :
2:51 AM
Artist : Next Collective
Album : Cover Art
Label :
2:56 AM
Woody N You
Artist : Ernest Dawkins
Album : Afro Straight
Label :
3:06 AM
The Emperor
Artist : Donald Byrd
Album : Ethiopian Nights
Label :
3:21 AM
September In The Rain
Artist : Ernest Stuart feat. Chrissie Loftus
Album : Solitary Walker
Label :
3:24 AM
Ham Radio
Artist : Maxfield Gast
Album : Eat Your Beats
Label :
3:31 AM
Artist : Blake Meister
Album : Septagon
Label :
3:39 AM
Digital Savanna
Artist : Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle
Album : Retro Future
Label :
3:45 AM
Artist : Esperanza Spalding
Album : Esperanza
Label :
3:51 AM
Free Action Reaction
Artist : Conrad Herwig
Album : A Voice Through A Door
Label :
4:01 AM
Johnny’s Blue
Artist : Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
Album : Like Someone In Love
Label :
4:10 AM
Autumn Leaves
Artist : Kevin Mahogany
Album : Old New Borrowed & The Blues
Label :
4:14 AM
You Don’t Know What Love Is
Artist : Dominick Farinacci
Album : Dawn Of Goodbye
Label :
4:25 AM
A Walk On They B-H-P
Artist : Clarence Penn
Album : Dali In Cobble Hill
Label :
4:33 AM
Dark Song For A Clear Day
Artist : Inbar Fridman
Album : Time Quartet Project
Label :
4:44 PM
Tenth Lament
Artist : Sahib Shihab and the Danish Radio Jazz Group
Album : Sahib Shihab and the Danish Radio Jazz Group
Label :
4:50 AM
Tomorrow Sunny
Artist : Henry Threadgill Zooid
Album : Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry
Label :
4:57 AM
I’m Satisfied
Artist : Kurt Elling
Album : 1619 Broadway
Label :
5:06 AM
Well You Needn’t
Artist : Thelonious Monk
Album : Monk's Music
Label :
5:17 AM
Listen Here
Artist : Jackie Ryan
Album : Listen Here
Label :
5:21 AM
No Need For Words
Artist : Sean Jones
Album : No Need For Words
Label :
5:30 AM
Four, Five, Six
Artist : Kenny Wheeler Big Band
Album : The Long Waiting
Label :
5:39 AM
Reimagine The World
Artist : Jeremy Pelt
Album : Water and Earth
Label :
5:43 AM
The Cat Walk
Artist : Donald Byrd
Album : The Cat Walk
Label :
5:53 AM
Heavy Tango
Artist : Christian Howes
Album : Southern Exposure
Label :


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