The Bridge

Friday, 10 pm to 2 am (Saturday morning)

J. Michael Harrison presents his award-winning blend of jazz that takes you from the mainstream to the edge of the art. Rarely heard artists are played with regularity, as is a dash of jazz poetry.

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September 07, 2012

10:00 PM
Artist : Gil Scott Heron
Album : First Minute of a New Day
Label :
10:04 PM
Madison Avenue
Artist : Gil Scott Heron
Album : Secrets
Label :
10:13 PM
Top Cat
Artist : Muddy Waters
Album : Electric Mud
Label :
10:17 PM
My Name is Mud
Artist : Primus
Album : Pork Soda
Label :
10:21 PM
Black Dog
Artist : Victor Bailey, Larry Coryell Lenny White,
Album : Electric
Label :
10:28 PM
Artist : Victor Bailey
Album : Studio performance (WRTI)
Label :
10:40 PM
Artist : Victor Bailey
Album : That's Right
Label :
10:46 PM
Count Down
Artist : Victor Bailey
Album : Slippin' n Trippin'
Label :
11:00 PM
Sweet Tooth
Artist : Victor Bailey
Album : Low Blow
Label :
11:07 PM
Like A Horn
Artist : Victor Bailey
Album : Slippin' n Trippin'
Label :
11:16 PM
Domino Theory
Artist : Weather Report
Album : Domino Theory
Label :
11:36 PM
Artist : Weather Report
Album : Procession
Label :
12:06 AM
Artist : Jeff Coffin Mu’tet
Album : Into the Air
Label :
12:12 AM
Artist : Robert Mitchell Panacea
Album : Voyager
Label :
12:20 AM
Artist : Jorge Sylvester
Album : Musicollage
Label :
12:33 AM
One Word
Artist : Billy Cobham/Colin Towns/hr-Bigband
Album : Meeting Of The Spirits: A Celebration Of The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Label :
12:45 AM
Elegant Gypsy Suite
Artist : Al DiMeola
Album : Elegant Gypsy
Label :
12:54 AM
Are You The One? Are You The One?
Artist : Trio of Doom
Album : Trio of Doom
Label :
12:59 AM
Artist : Mahavishnu Orchestra
Album : Inner Mountain Flame
Label :
1:04 AM
City, Country, City
Artist : War
Album : The World is a Ghetto
Label :
1:20 AM
I Want It All
Artist : Abram Wilson
Album : Ride! Ferris Wheel To The Modern Day Delta
Label :
1:32 AM
Looking To The Outside
Artist : Abram Wilson
Album : Ride! Ferris Wheel To The Modern Day Delta
Label :
1:38 AM
Isabel The Liberator
Artist : Woody Shaw
Album : For Sure
Label :
1:52 AM
Tea Leaf
Artist : M’Oud Swing
Album : Modal Citizens
Label :


The Bridge
11:31 pm
Thu October 18, 2012

Trombonist, Composer, & Arranger Papo Vazquez Visits The Bridge: Oct 19th at 10 pm

Papo Vasquez

Charismatic trombonist and Philly homeboy Papo Vazquez commandeers The Bridge to discuss Oasis, the latest release by his Mighty Pirates Troubadours ensemble.  Papo Vazquez is more than 35 years into a career spanning the jazz, Latin, Afro-Caribbean and classical music recording worlds.

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WRTI Spotlight
7:01 am
Thu September 20, 2012

Burnt Sugar (The Arkestra Chamber) Lands On The Bridge: Sept. 21st at 10 pm

Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber

A sprawl­ing band of musi­cians from NYC, whose prodi­gious per­son­nel allows them to freely jug­gle a wide swath of the exper­i­men­tal soul-jazz-hip hop spectrum, Burnt Sugar moves amongst many styles, eras and gen­res to devise its own excit­ing hybrids while hon­oring its deep­est inspi­ra­tions: the first post-modernists of Amer­i­can music including Duke Elling­ton, Sun Ra, Par­lia­ment Funkadelic and The Art Ensem­ble of Chicago.

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Spotlight on The Bridge
8:46 am
Fri September 14, 2012

Cross 'The Bridge' With Hannibal Lokumbe, Rachelle Ferrell and Bobby Zankel: Sept. 14th at 10 pm

Hannibal Lokumbe

You don't want to miss what plans to be a wonderful evening on The Bridge - THREE truly special guests: master Trumpeter and epic composer Hannibal Lokumbe visits during the first hour to speak about the world premiere of Can You Hear God Crying? at the Kimmel Center, as well as his participation in a much-anticipated John Coltrane celebration.

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Spotlight on The Bridge
8:07 am
Fri September 7, 2012

Bass Guitar Titan Victor Bailey Journeys Across The Bridge: Sept. 7th, 10 pm

It's been almost three years to the day since Philly's own Victor Bailey last visited the WRTI studios. Look forward to a lot of catching up! Victor undoubtedly will provide unique insight into his performance that's scheduled the following night at Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania's Mauch Chunk Opera House.  The concert will feature fellow icons Lenny White and Larry Coryell. The bass great joins WRTI's J.

WRTI Spotlight
6:21 pm
Fri August 3, 2012

Kora Player Ablaye Cissoko & Trumpeter Volker Goetze Visit The Bridge: August 3rd, 10 pm

A special evening is in store for you as host J. Michael Harrison welcomes two fascinating musicians to The Bridge: Senegalese kora player Ablaye Cissoko and German jazz trumpet player Volker Goetze. It's been several years since their last appearance on the show, and a lot has transpired. 

The duo will discuss their new CD, Amanke Dionti, the follow up to the critically acclaimed recording, Sira, and share details of a recently completed documentary that provides unique insight into Cissoko's life in Senegal.

WRTI Spotlight
8:20 pm
Fri July 20, 2012

Conductor Michel Galante Crosses The Bridge to Discuss Spectral Impressions Concerts at Rodin Museum

Michel Galante

Conductor Michel Galante joins WRTI's J. Michael Harrison on July 20th at 10 pm to discuss two much-anticipated concerts he'll be conducting at the newly re-opened Rodin Museum. The Spectral Impressions concert series features new works by French composers Tristan Murail on July 22nd, and Phillipe Hurel on July 28th performed by the Argento Chamber Ensemble.

French spectral music focuses on musical color, electronic sound, and impressionist aesthetics.

WRTI Spotlight
9:55 am
Tue July 3, 2012

Trombonist Jermaine Bryson Stops By The Bridge: July 6th at 10 pm

Jermaine Bryson, at right, is the band leader of MOZAIC FLOW.

Join WRTI's J. Michael Harrison as he welcomes the leader of Mozaic Flow, trombonist Jermaine Bryson.  Jermaine will be visiting The Bridge to debut the group's new single and discuss his career and upcoming CD release. As a Temple University graduate, with a degree in jazz performance, Jermaine has a profound love for all types of music. 

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WRTI Spotlight
7:42 pm
Mon June 25, 2012

NBC10's Byron Scott Visits The Bridge: June 29th at 10 pm

J. Michael Harrison

Join WRTI's J. Michael Harrison on Friday, June 29th at 10 pm as he welcomes NBC10's Byron Scott back to The Bridge to perform his semi-annual duties as guest co-host. Byron has become part of The Bridge's revolving door of guests, and always brings his passion for jazz to the experience. You'll once again benefit from his vast knowledge of music, as well as his motivation to expose you to some of the selections that have a special place in his jazz collection.

Jazz Interview
5:26 pm
Wed June 13, 2012

The Bridge: Ralph Peterson, Jr. on June 15th

Drummer and educator Ralph Peterson, Jr. joins WRTI's J. Michael Harrison on Friday, June 15th at 10 pm for a conversation about his career and his latest recording, The Duality Perspective.

The Bridge
3:29 pm
Fri May 18, 2012

Danny Kramer and Francesca Gershwin on The Bridge

Tonight, host J. Michael Harrison features the tale of Two Dannys and a Francesca. It's an interview with painter Danny Simmons during the 11 pm hour, and then a conversation with jazz pianist Daniel Kramer and singer Francesca Gershwin, grand-niece of George Gershwin. Listen in on a live performance and a chat.