Where We Are...WRTI at the End of Fiscal Year 2013/2014

Jun 24, 2014

As we get closer to the end of WRTI's fiscal year on June 30th, I'd like to express how very grateful we are to all of our members who contributed during the last year.

If you renewed online, gave an additional gift because you received a letter, contributed for the first time because of a member drive, donated a vehicle, arranged a planned gift...thank you! If you're one of over a thousand sustaining members who invest in WRTI every month...thank you! It's all greatly appreciated.

Every single one of you represents the amazing community we're privileged to serve. We work diligently every day to be worthy of your investment and trust. 

Here's where we are now: At the beginning of June we were $195,000 short of reaching our annual membership goal. Today we are less than $44,000 away. 

If you have not contributed to WRTI this year, all I ask you to do is consider why that's the case, and whether the experience of listening throughout the year is worthy of some level of support. Whether it's $25, $60, $100, or more, it's the perfect amount.  Each of us chipping in what we can for the music we care about is what keeps WRTI on the air. 

Contribute here. And I thank you in advance. --Bill Johnson, WRTI Station Manager