A Week of Bach on WRTI

Celebrate the musical dynasty of the Bach Family from Monday, March 16 to Saturday, March 21. Tune in or listen online from Monday through Thursday, when you'll hear a variety of works by Johann Sebastian and his sons Carl Phillip Emanuel, Wilhelm Friedemann, Johann Christian, and others. On Friday and Saturday, we'll celebrate J. S.'s birth (March 21, 1685) with some of his best-loved works, and lesser-known masterpieces.

Considered by many to be the "Master of Baroque Music" and perhaps of all Western music, Johann Sebastian Bach is synonymous with the art of fugue, magnificent counterpoint, oratorios, passions, masses, cantatas, and legendary virtuosity on the organ and harpsichord.

Bach means "brook" in German. But according to Beethoven, "Not Brook, but Ocean should be his name." Debussy saw in Bach's music "the most perfect purity of musical lines." And Brahms insisted, "Study Bach. There you will find everything."

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