Wanamaker Organ Hour: From Bach to Sullivan

Jan 6, 2013

Join Jill Pasternak and Wanamaker Grand Court Organist Peter Richard Conte in our monthly program, recorded at Macy's Center City, on the world-famous Wanamaker Organ.  This month, it's works by J.S. Bach and Sir Arthur Sullivan, plus a composition by a Philadelphia favorite: organist Robert Elmore.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of Elmore's birth.  Sunday, January 6, 5 to 6 pm.


Toccata in F Major: Johann Sebastian Bach

Night Song:  Robert Elmore (1913-1985)

Tu es petra et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus te
from Esquisses Byzantines: Henri Mulet (1878-1967)

The Lost Chord:  Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
arranged by Peter Richard Conte

Sonata on Psalm 94:  Julius Reubke (1834-1858)