The Wanamaker Organ in Concert--In Search of Missing Masters--Stoppard's Rock 'n Roll

Sep 27, 2008

Ahead of a historic performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Macy's Center City Philadelphia, Jim Cotter speaks with Peter Richard Conte, the Grand Court Organist of the Wanamaker Organ, and co-host of WRTI's Wanamaker Organ Hour.

David Patrick Stearns looks back on the history of the Wanamaker Organ and explores the workings of the world's largest functioning musical instrument.

Susan Lewis looks at In Search of Missing Masters at the Woodmere Art Museum. The Chestnut Hill museum's new show of African American art highlights works that have been missed by the art history books.

Jason Peifer considers the Tom Stoppard play Rock 'n Roll, as the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia opens its 30th season.

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