New Weekend Evening Schedule on WRTI HD-2

Nov 3, 2013

Starting this weekend, things go bump in the night on HD-2! On Saturday, November 2nd, Weekend Radio, The Score, and Millennium of Music all move up one hour. So, starting this Saturday, Weekend Radio with Robert Conrad will air at 6 pm, The Score with Edmund Stone will be at 7 pm, and Millennium of Music with Robert Aubry Davis, at 8 pm.

The biggest move, however, is for Now Is the Time. The contemporary American music show hosted by Kile Smith, and produced right here at WRTI, moves from its Sunday slot to one day and one hour earlier! It will now broadcast Saturdays at 9 pm.

Sunday's lineup of SymphonyCast at 6 pm, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at 8 pm, is unchanged.

Classical through the Night with Peter van de Graff will air 10 pm to 6 am on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

So when the sun goes down on the weekends, WRTI HD-2 still has you covered with classical music streaming right to you, no matter where you are!