If You Could Listen To Any Jazz Song Right Now, What Would It Be?

Apr 19, 2016

To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, we asked members of the jazz and arts community to tell us what jazz tune they would like to listen to right now. 

Since the start of April, we’ve been playing their responses, along with the music they favored.  We’re sure you have heard some of the features during jazz programming – explanations of the selections from Mike Merritt, Lisa Hilton, Sherie Maricle, and many others. 

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you want to hear! 

If you could be listening to any jazz song right now, what would it be? Leave your response below in the comments section, along with a short description of what draws you to that piece.

We will feature your chosen selections on a special, extended request show on Wednesday, April 27th starting at 9 PM.