Donate Now To Cut The Spring Member Drive In Half! Your Leadership Is Key

Apr 8, 2018

The music on WRTI is a passionate, powerful, and essential part of your life—that’s why we’re cutting the Spring Member Drive in half! What does that mean? All the Members in Half the Time equals more music and fewer interruptions—just the way you like it.

Yes! Here's My Early-Bird Contribution

The Spring Member Drive begins on April 30, 2018. Our goal is to raise the money needed to continue the essential music you value in half the time it would normally take to do it.

Your leadership is key to successfully reducing the time we spend pitching on-air. When you give early, you help create momentum and a new dynamic that just may make it possible to reach our goal in half the time.

So here’s your cue—make your gift of financial support before April 26th and you could be one of two lucky winners to receive a $200 Apple gift card.

We're waiting to hear from you! Contribute here.