Celebrating Jazz In April on WRTI

Apr 4, 2016

At WRTI, we love exploring the depths of the vast genre of America’s great art form. We appreciate every bit of it, from the Great American Songbook to jazz interpretations of other types of music.

Philly Celebrates Jazz during April 2016 as a part of Jazz Appreciation Month. With live performances, art exhibitions, discussion panels, and films showcasing the power of jazz in different shapes and forms, Philly Celebrates Jazz reflects on the jazz heritage of the city, along with the vibrant jazz scene that thrives to this day.

To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month this month, we’ve reached out to members of the music community to find out which jazz tunes they would like to listen to right now. We also have some favorites from our hosts.

During each jazz shift in April, we'll play these musical selections, along with explanations about the picks. You’ll hear from Kevin MacConnell, McCoy Tyner, Helene Grimaud, Christian McBride, and many others.

We want to hear what’s stuck in your head as well!  Tell us what you’d like to listen to in the comments section below. We’ll play your tune during a special request show, starting at 9 PM, on Wednesday, April 27th.

We have a basic idea of some of the artists who spark your interest, so we’ll be presenting profiles of popular, influential jazz artists every night. These profiles, compliments of our Arts Desk staff, will be paired with a piece of music by the featured artist, ranging from classic artists like Sarah Vaughan and Duke Ellington to local legends like Tony Williams and Charlie Rice. Listen for one of these during each jazz shift.  Happy Jazz Appreciation Month!