The 2012 Classical Olympians Puzzler

Jul 30, 2012
Originally published on July 30, 2012 2:52 pm

The grumbling of Londoners and the off-putting remarks of Mitt Romney are all but forgotten now as the 2012 Summer Olympics are in spectacular full swing. From here on out the race for the gold continues.

The London games include 302 events, with 23,000 athletes and officials, at 34 venues over 19 days. About 10 million visitors are expected along with some 20,000 journalists.

For those watching at home — all 4.8 billion of us — I offer an alternative Olympic competition as a diversion during all the Coke and McDonald's ads.

Characters in classical music and opera are not all kings, queens and couch potatoes. Some have genuine athletic abilities, and others find themselves in situations requiring Olympic-worthy strength and stamina. Listen to the music clip below and match each one to its appropriate sport from this summer's Olympics. Answer them all correctly and wear your gold medal with pride. Mess up, and you'll have to wait an embarrassing four years to try again.

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