Mark Quinlan

Jazz Host

It is a known fact that great jazz was meant to be played very late at night. And few voices are more suitable to present great, late jazz than Mark Quinlan, one of the steady midnight hosts of WRTI - speaking to eager night owls throughout and beyond Philadelphia. 

A professional drummer for nearly 15 years, Mark's ear for jazz and appreciation for the art form were sparked immediately upon joining the programming crew at WRTI.  He began there as a student, and has since gone on to become a dedicated producer for the station, as well as a talented voice.  In his time spent at WRTI, he has become an integral part of the station’s sound and personality.  And his own music has benefited greatly; he continues to be inspired by the many gifted musicians he has broadcast over the years. 

Mark can be heard on Sunday and Monday nights from 12 midnight to 6 am,  and Tuesday nights from 3 to 6 am.

Jazz Through the Night

Early morning deejays spin classics from our library and the latest in acoustic jazz. Also tune in at midnight on Saturday and Sunday and at 2am on Fridays.