Water http://wrti.org en Maureen Malloy Recommends…Gregory Porter: BE GOOD http://wrti.org/post/maureen-malloy-recommends-gregory-porter-be-good <p>Vocalist and composer Gregory Porter has released his much-awaited sophomore album, <em>Be Good,</em> the follow-up to <em>Water,</em> which made huge waves in the jazz world in 2010.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">&nbsp; </span>Sophomore albums tend to make fans and critics a bit nervous due to expectation and anticipation, so I&#39;ll save you some time and anguish - Gregory, once again, delivers!<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">&nbsp; </span>Strong musicianship, horn arrangements by Kamau Kenyatta, and Porter&#39;s booming, yet expressive voice, make this record a true crowd-pleaser.</p> Mon, 30 Apr 2012 13:45:03 +0000 Maureen Malloy 3811 at http://wrti.org Maureen Malloy Recommends…Gregory Porter: BE GOOD