Phillip Schroeder en Passage Through a Dream <p>We dream our lives and live our dreams on <strong>Now Is the Time, Saturday, April 19th at 9 pm</strong> at and WRTI-HD2. Bright Sheng's romantic orchestral work <em>China Dreams</em> includes movements called The Stream Flows and The Three Gorges of the Long River. The tragedy of U.S. duplicity before and after the Battle of the Little Bighorn is the subject of <em>We Need to Dream All This Again</em>. Jerome Kitzke writes, "let's dance, and call it praying," as he honors the Native American building of a new life by dreaming that life.<br /><br />Clarinet and four-hand piano unfold through digital delay in the evocative <em>Passage Through a Dream</em> by Phillip Schroeder, and Zeitgeist closes out the show with the humorous and quirky <em>Getting Your Z's (Or Not)</em> by Janika Vandervelde.<br /> Fri, 18 Apr 2014 16:45:45 +0000 Kile Smith 7217 at Passage Through a Dream