Len Jenkins http://wrti.org en A Ballerina's Pointe Shoe Paradise...Where Music Lives http://wrti.org/post/ballerinas-pointe-shoe-paradisewhere-music-lives <p></p><p>The artistry and athleticism of the ballet dancer can soar with a well-fitting pointe shoe. On a given weekend, members of three generations of the Jenkins family might be on the scene at <a href="http://www.therosinbox.com/" target="_blank"><strong>The Rosin Box</strong></a>,&nbsp; a jewel-like shop on Sansom Street in Philadelphia, just a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square, where ballet slippers and pointe shoes are sold - and, where music lives.</p><p>Dave and Angela Jenkins opened this niche business in 1977, and it has remained family-owned and operated since. Their son Len Jenkins spoke with WRTI’s Meridee Duddleston about this facet of dance that contributes to the beauty we see on the stage.</p><p></p><p></p><p> Mon, 18 Nov 2013 12:02:12 +0000 Meridee Duddleston 6685 at http://wrti.org A Ballerina's Pointe Shoe Paradise...Where Music Lives