William Wallace http://wrti.org en Of Nature on Now Is the Time, Now on Saturday Night! http://wrti.org/post/nature-now-time-now-saturday-night <p>It's the world and how we live in it on <strong>Now Is the Time, Saturday, November 2nd at 9 pm</strong>. Starting today, things go bump in the night as the schedule shifts on WRTI-HD2. The biggest move is for Now Is the Time, moving from its Sunday slot to one day and one hour earlier. We love the change! <strong>The show now broadcasts every Saturday at 9 pm.</strong><br /><br />William Wallace, the American composer born in 1923, has a tonal language that sometimes wears Baroque forms, but lightly. Underneath pulses a strong personality. His second Piano Concerto begins with, of all things, a fugue, and it works brilliantly. After the warm choral sound of <em>A Cosmic Prayer</em> by Carson Cooman, beautifully sung by The Choir of Royal Holloway, is Tomas Svoboda's Symphony No. 1 (of Nature). Written when he was only 16, it's forthright and assured, with echoes of his Czech heritage. It's a remarkable achievement.<br /><br />If you're new to Now Is the Time and live anywhere in, well, the cosmos, just go to <a href="http://wrti.org">wrti.org</a> and click on the <strong>Listen: Classical</strong> button at the top. Day or night, that brings you the classical stream, and at 9 pm every Saturday, you'll hear Now Is the Time. In the Philadelphia area with an HD radio? Dial us up at 90.1 FM, HD2, or <a href="http://wrti.org/wrti-frequencies-and-coverage-map">find all the frequencies here</a>, depending on where you live, from the Shore to the Poconos to Harrisburg to Dover. Thanks for supporting American contemporary music on WRTI!<br /><br />What’s that you say, you’d love to hear the theme music? Of course you would…<a href="http://wrti.org/post/now-time-theme-music">just click here!</a><br /> Sat, 02 Nov 2013 14:16:00 +0000 Kile Smith 6645 at http://wrti.org Of Nature on Now Is the Time, Now on Saturday Night!