Maggi Payne en In Bone-Colored Light on Now Is the Time <p>Stark contrasts play against each other on <strong>Now Is the Time, Sunday, August 11th at 10 pm</strong>. Zeitgeist performs <em>In Bone-Colored Light</em>, Jerome Kitzke's illumination of a late afternoon in an American landscape. Gabriela Lena Frank opens up the Indian and Spanish cultures of Peru for "Holy Mary, let's go dance," or <em>Ccollanan Maria</em>, a sighing, gospel-inflected work sung by San Francisco's Volti.<br><br>Maggi Payne finds music in sounds from the environment, processes them electronically, and attractive surprises result in <em>System Test (Fire and Ice)</em>. And from Curt Cacioppo's recent CD <em>Italia</em>, Network for New Music performs <em>Colomba Scarlatta della Libia</em>, or <em>Red Dove of Libya</em>, a bubbling work of shadow and light.<br> Sun, 11 Aug 2013 02:56:22 +0000 Kile Smith 6318 at In Bone-Colored Light on Now Is the Time