ClassicAlive en Classical Music Up Close in West Philadelphia <p></p><p>Music lives in West Philadelphia, where diverse audiences experience classical music and more in an&nbsp; intimate setting. WRTI’s Susan Lewis investigates <a href=""><strong>LiveConnections</strong></a>, which conducts programs at World Café Live.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Let us know <em>Where Music Lives</em> in your community!</strong> <strong>Add your ideas in the comments section here and check out our other <em>Where Music Lives </em>posts.</strong></a></p><p></p> Mon, 04 Nov 2013 13:13:05 +0000 Susan Lewis 6639 at Classical Music Up Close in West Philadelphia Classical Music in a Club Setting? You Bet! <p>While many people still attend concerts in traditional halls, classical music is also being played in more informal settings - and in combination with different types of music. WRTI’s Susan Lewis investigates <em>LiveConnections</em>, which conducts programs at World Café Live in Philadelphia and Wilmington.</p><p>LEWIS: Hearing great music performed up close can be a life-changing experience. That’s the premise of <em>LiveConnections</em>, where Melinda Steffy is general manager.</p><p>STEFFY:&nbsp; We focus a lot on collaborations with musicians across genres and try to push the boundaries of music, so it's both very compelling and very accessible for a diverse range of people.</p><p>A Bach prelude, for example, might be played straight, then&nbsp;again in a jazz style.</p><p>LEWIS: This philosophy drives three programs: <em>Bridge Sessions,</em> in partnership with other organizations,&nbsp; presents interactive performances for adults with special needs and groups of students.&nbsp; <em>ClassicAlive </em>is a concert series for the general public with classical music performed with other genres in an intimate setting. Curator Mary Javian says the concerts expand the boundaries of repertoire, collaboration, and atmosphere.</p><p>JAVIAN: We’re bringing classical musicians of a very high level into a club. Asking them to perform while&nbsp; people might have a drink, or might have a meal. But what we find is that the audiences are extremely engaged, because they’re getting an experience they wouldn’t have otherwise.</p><p>LEWIS: A third program, <em>Live Studio,</em> aims to use state-of-the-art video technology to connect underserved populations who cannot make it to the venue.</p><p><a href=""><strong>Coming up on February 24th: ClassicAlive presents Project Trio - a trio of bass, cello, and flute influenced by classical music, hip hop, and jazz, along with musicians from Friends Select School.&nbsp; </strong></a></p><p> Mon, 18 Feb 2013 21:24:37 +0000 Susan Lewis 5143 at Classical Music in a Club Setting? You Bet!