French Album en Stephen Hough's 'French Album,' A 'Musical Dessert Trolley' As with food, as with fashion, as with film, there does seem to be a distinct French style when it comes to composition. The much-heralded English pianist Stephen Hough has been studying what makes a piece of music uniquely French. It's resulted in his latest collection: the <em>French Album</em>.<p>With works by Debussy, Faure, Poulenc and a number of lesser-known composers, Hough says he considers this new album "a sort of musical dessert trolley."<p>"There are some impressionist pieces, but it's a kind of romantic impressionism as well," Hough says. Sun, 21 Oct 2012 18:48:00 +0000 NPR Music 4609 at Stephen Hough's 'French Album,' A 'Musical Dessert Trolley'