Mason Bates en Vintage on Now Is the Time <p>It's a blast from the past on <strong>Now Is the Time, Saturday, May 24th at 9 pm</strong> at and WRTI-HD2. David Del Tredici threw over his cutting-edge training in 12-tone music for his aggressively tonal "Alice" pieces, works based on <em>Alice in Wonderland</em>. In looking back, you might say, he never looked back from then on; some have called him the first neo-Romantic. <em>Vintage Alice</em> is a chamber opera for one singer, and it's delightfully quirky, just like Lewis Carroll.<br /><br />Physicist Richard Feynman was known for his humor as much as his smarts; Michael Gandolfi captures both in the large choral/orchestral work <em>Q.E.D.: Engaging Richard Feynman</em>. From Hilary Hahn's CD of encores is <em>Ford's Farm</em> by Mason Bates. We see the horse &amp; buggy giving way to the first automobile in this fun, fiddling excursion: Call it a short ride in slower machines.<br /> Fri, 23 May 2014 14:07:44 +0000 Kile Smith 7333 at Vintage on Now Is the Time