Franz Schubert en Have You Seen These Sculptures? Unexpected Public Art in Philadelphia Honoring Composers <p></p><p>Among the hundreds of outdoor sculptures that dot Philadelphia’s urban landscape are three classical music masters. But, as WRTI’s Susan Lewis reports, they’re not where you might expect to find them.</p> Mon, 28 Oct 2013 15:29:09 +0000 Susan Lewis 6599 at Have You Seen These Sculptures? Unexpected Public Art in Philadelphia Honoring Composers 60th Anniversary Classical CD Highlight: Schubert, Notturno <p>Franz Schubert's <i>Notturno in Eb, D. 897,</i> performed by the Stuttgart Piano Trio, is featured on CD 1 in the WRTI 60th Anniversary Classical 3-CD set.<br><br>The <em>Notturno in Eb</em>&nbsp;or <em>Adagio</em> was probably written just one year prior to Schubert's death at the early age of 31. Although the work was published posthumously with the title <em>Notturno</em>&nbsp;(Nocturne), Schubert merely labeled it "Adagio" as it may have been intended as a movement in a larger work for piano trio. With the clarity and contrast of the piano and two, stringed instruments, listen for the simple, Schubertian melody to be exchanged.<br><br>In the opening, for example, the violin and cello sing a soft duet while the piano accompanies with rolling, harp-like chords. Then the roles are reversed as the piano takes the melody, and the strings respond with a pizzicato accompaniment. The <em>pianissimo</em> conclusion of this little night music drifts off into a nocturnal dream.<br> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 04:08:43 +0000 Rolf Charlston 6431 at 60th Anniversary Classical CD Highlight: Schubert, Notturno Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia: Bottesini and Schubert on ENCORE! <p>Music for double-bass and orchestra and a Schubert Symphony are on the program for this month's broadcast concert by the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.&nbsp; Guest Conductor Michael Stern, Music Director of the Kansas City Symphony (and son of violin great Isaac Stern) leads a program that features Philadelphia Orchestra Assistant Principal Double-bassist Joseph Conyers in one of the virtuoso concertos by 19th century bassist Giovanni Bottesini.&nbsp; <strong>Sunday, Feb. 17, 5 to 6 pm.</strong></p><p><strong>Program:</strong></p> Fri, 15 Feb 2013 20:53:53 +0000 Jack Moore 5152 at Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia: Bottesini and Schubert on ENCORE! What's So Great About Franz Schubert? Gregg Whiteside Knows... <p>It's so easy to find oneself attracted to the music of Franz Schubert. His unmatched gift for lyricism makes him so approachable, so comprehensible; and we feel ourselves being pulled into his musical world – in my case, at a very early age. &nbsp;But now, with the wisdom of my years, my appreciation for Schubert has deepened. &nbsp;For lying within this musical world of color and melodic beauty is a powerful undertow of mystery, of light and dark, of profundity beyond the years of a young genius who lived only until the age of 31. January 31<sup>st</sup>, 2013 marks the 215<sup>th</sup> anniversary of Schubert's birth - so I thought it was an opportune time to share my thoughts on one of my all-time favorite composers. Tue, 15 Jan 2013 11:15:34 +0000 Gregg Whiteside 4978 at What's So Great About Franz Schubert? Gregg Whiteside Knows... Violist Daniel Avshalomov <p>American String Quartet violist Daniel Avshalomov is Jill's guest this week. The Quartet celebrates its 35-year anniversary with the release of a new CD, <i>Schubert's Echo</i>.</p> Sat, 09 Oct 2010 17:24:00 +0000 Jill Pasternak 2424 at Violist Daniel Avshalomov Flutist Robert Stallman <p>Jill's guest this week is virtuoso flutist Robert Stallman. His CD <i>New Schubert Works for Flute &amp; Strings</i>, sonatas in transcription, was recently released on the Bogner's Cafe label.</p> <p>Mr. Stallman's unique sound has repeatedly captured the attention of music lovers ever since his mentor, Jean-Pierre Rampal, judged him early on to be "one of the most gifted musicians I have ever encountered." The London Times sums it up: "Stallman is no ordinary virtuoso of the flute, though virtuoso he emphatically is. He dazzles because of his penetrating artistry." This artistry has distinguished all facets of Stallman's career as solo flutist, chamber musician, recording artist, master teacher and editor/arranger.</p> Sat, 07 Nov 2009 19:43:00 +0000 Jill Pasternak 2236 at Flutist Robert Stallman Concert Pianist Seymour Lipkin <p>Join Jill Pasternak when she interviews Seymour Lipkin - esteemed concert pianist, and dedicated faculty member at Curtis and Juilliard.</p> <p>Mr. Lipkin's recent release of the complete piano sonatas, impromptus, moments musicaux, and the Wanderer Fantasy of Franz Schubert, available in three volumes of two CDs in each, is receiving rave reviews. Mr. Lipkin is extremely passionate about this music. "In the solo piano music of Schubert," he explains, "the depth and range of feeling are enormous: there is ebullient joy, deepest grief, other-worldly serenity. There is immense power and exquisite delicacy; there are waltzes and there are earthquakes."</p> Sat, 31 Oct 2009 19:14:00 +0000 Jill Pasternak 2230 at Concert Pianist Seymour Lipkin