Lewis Spratlan http://wrti.org en A Summer's Day http://wrti.org/post/summers-day <p>Celebrate the solstice on <strong>Now Is the Time, Saturday, June 21st at 9 pm</strong> at wrti.org and WRTI-HD2. <em>Into Light</em> is Marilyn Shrude's orchestral paean to youth and possibility, and Lewis Spratlan outlines an entire day of activity—both fun and contemplative—ending with a starry night, in <em>A Summer's Day</em>. Looking at the evening sky reflected in Italy's Lake Como, Laura Elise Schwendinger asks <em>C’è la Luna Questa Sera?</em> ("is there a moon tonight?").<br /><br />As Monet painted the same scene in different light (including his Rouen Cathedral series from 1892-1893), Jennifer Higdon used materials from her <em>blue cathedral</em> in different ways in <em>Light Refracted</em> for clarinet, string trio, and piano. One of Brian Dykstra's piano rags is the deliciously floating <em>Sweet Daydreams</em>, and in <em>light moving</em>, David Lang provides an encore for Hilary Hahn.<br /> Fri, 20 Jun 2014 16:52:01 +0000 Kile Smith 7437 at http://wrti.org A Summer's Day The Crossing: Sunday, June 10th at 3 pm on ENCORE! http://wrti.org/post/crossing-sunday-june-10th-3-pm-encore <p>This is the second broadcast in The Crossing&#39;s Month of Moderns series, featuring a world-premiere collaboration with Network for New Music. The 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winner Lewis Spratlan composed a concert-length work for The Crossing; <em>Hesperus is Phosphorus</em> loosely takes the form of a kind of secular vespers &ndash; a passage, or crossing, through the philosophical and spiritual canyons of our time. Drawing on the words of American poets, playwrights, and physicists, Spratlan&rsquo;s music explores growth and loss in our ever-expanding world of discovery.</p> Sun, 10 Jun 2012 13:56:00 +0000 Jack Moore 3970 at http://wrti.org The Crossing: Sunday, June 10th at 3 pm on ENCORE!