Bernard Rands en Preludes <p>So done with March and feeling like a new start, we've got all preludes on <strong>Now Is the Time, Saturday, April 5th at 9 pm</strong> at and WRTI-HD2. Stephen Paulus writes comfortably in every genre; we start the program with a short, sassy work played by pianist Lara Downes, his <em>Prelude No. 3: Sprightly</em>. Guitarist David Starobin and composer William Bland go way back to their school days. Starobin loves playing Bland's music, and we'll hear six of a projected cycle of 48 <em>Preludes</em>.<br /><br />Then we return to the piano for the 12 <em>Preludes</em> of Bernard Rands, covering a wide landscape of emotional and tonal range. Included are two movements in memoriam of composer colleagues of Rands, Luciano Berio and Donald Martino.<br /> Fri, 04 Apr 2014 15:25:45 +0000 Kile Smith 7171 at Preludes