Composers Datebook
Weekdays at 1:58 pm
Tune in every afternoon to learn about the music and the lives of historic and contemporary composers. More information on the Composers Datebook website

Weekday mornings at 7:15 am
Gregg Whiteside invites you to rise and shine with a variety of John Philip Sousa marches at the stroke of 7:15 every weekday morning. Join the Sousalarm Club and receive an official member certificate! Write to Gregg@wrti.org to request membership in this very exclusive club. Don't forget to include your name and postal address!  Learn more about the Sousalarm here!

Arts Desk
Listen to a variety of music, arts, and culture features throughout the week by our arts reporters Meridee Duddleston, Susan Lewis, Kile Smith, and David Patrick Stearns. Listen to stories here!

Every morning at 7:40 am; weekdays at 3:40 pm
Announcer Sandy Wood enlightens you with facts about science, history, and astronomy from the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas.